The Behavioral Health Solution for Your Stressed Workforce

Lifestyle Modification to Improve Mental Health and Decrease Employer Healthcare Costs

ViCare® Provides a Behavioral Health Solution for the COVID-19 Era Workforce.

ViCare® enables individuals to sustainably relieve anxiety, depression, and stress, reducing the cost of healthcare services for themselves and their employers.

What is ViCare®?

ViCare® is a program to enable lifestyle change and sustainably treat serious anxiety, depression, and stress. It is provided by highly trained therapists who use proven techniques and technology and form close relationships with Enrollees.

Our ViCare® solution enables employees to sustainably relieve their behavioral issues.

Unlike web and mobile self-help programs, we use real therapists that we call ViCare® Guides to form relationships with those enrolled in our programs. The Guides use scientifically validated therapies to enable sustainable lifestyle changes which are the only reliable solutions to these behavioral health issues.

ViCare® is frictionless, employees do not need pre-approval and there are no co-pays or deductibles. Uniquely, we are able to measure success both in terms of cost savings through lower use of healthcare services and greater potential for productivity.

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Why Does ViCare® Work?

ViCare® works because the program is:
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ViCare® Guides engage members at the first encounter and keep them engaged more than 90% of the time.

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There is no pre-authorization, no co-pay or deductible, and first appointment wait times are less than two weeks.

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ViScore tracks and measures progress.

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Unlike web-based programs, ViCare® is based on scientifically-proven effective systems.

ViCare® is a Solution for Both Employers and Individuals

Poor Mental Health Impacts Employee Satisfaction and Productivity.

Employers, especially the self-insured, recognize the rapidly growing mental health problem in their workforce, but:

  • They’re not sure to what extent they have the problem, or
  • They don’t know that there is a solution, or
  • They think their health plan covers it.

ViCare® Offers:

  • A complimentary, HIPAA-compliant claims analysis showing levels of employee mental health issues
  • A proven solution to the problem
  • Demonstration that the health plan is not solving the problem
  • ViMedicus employer clients see a 500% Return on Investment from combined ViCare Multi-Chronic and Behavioral Health programs over a 2-year period.
  • Success can be measured both in terms of cost savings through lower use of healthcare services and greater potential for productivity.
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Employees and dependents recognize the impact of stress on their lives and health, but:

  • Don’t know how to access help
  • Have unaffordable deductibles/copays
  • Find Employee Assistance Programs unhelpful
  • Wait times for therapists are too long

ViCare® Offers:

  • Free
  • Easy/quick to access
  • Relationship-based
  • Reliable/sustainable help
  • Lifestyle modification is a scientifically proven solution for serious stress, substance use disorder, and multiple chronic conditions.
  • ViCare® employs evidence-based therapies to provide easily accessible, easily implementable solutions which are effective with more than 90% of enrollees and which sustainably modify their lifestyle.
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Your ViCare® Guide schedules a virtual or in person meeting to start the program.

Step 1

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Your ViCare® Guide works with you to create a care plan and schedules regular appointments to track progress.

Step 2

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Unlike ‘one-size-fits-all’ care plans, your ViCare® Guide will establish an ongoing relationship with you.

Step 3

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Your ViCare® Guide schedules regular appointments to track progress on your plan and measures steps toward vitality.

Step 4

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Once you have reached your goals with your ViCare® Guide, you will graduate and achieve sustainable vitality.

Step 5

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Motivating healthy lifestyle changes

Dietella/ViCare® Partnership

Dietella and ViMedicus are collaborating to provide mental health and dietetic counseling to Enrollees in the ViCare behavioral health program using the Dietella nutrition program.

This opportunity is open to new and existing ViCare® Enrollees.

Enrollee Benefits:
  • Healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes via a proactive relationship between the Enrollee, ViCare Guide and Dietella Dietitian
  • Measurable goal setting and outcomes
  • Easy, free access to best-in-class services
  • In person and telehealth options
Employer Benefits:
  • Reduced healthcare and pharmaceutical costs through healthier living
  • Near-site/On-site clinics, where applicable, have direct access to program services – no more out-of-network referrals and claims processing
  • Proven return on investment
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Program costs are lower than any comparable market option

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