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About ViMedicus

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How The ViMedicus Journey Began

ViMedicus was founded in 2010 on the belief that our healthcare system needed to radically change its approach towards individual health.

Preventable chronic conditions are a major contributor to the rise in insurance premiums and employee medical claims, which are at an all time high and continue to increase.

Today, ViMedicus offers a solution that reduces healthcare costs for self-insured employers, boosts productivity levels and improves the health and well-being of employees with multiple chronic conditions.

Lifestyle modification is the only scientifically-proven solution for serious stress, substance use disorder and multiple chronic conditions.

Our solution targets individuals with serious stress and/or multiple chronic conditions.  

We combine primary care services with proprietary, intensive coaching using motivational interviewing (MI) techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

ViMedicus stands apart by focusing exclusively on lifestyle change support through coaching, which contributes significantly to overall health improvement.

The ViMedicus Team

Tom Churchill

Tom Churchwell, President and CEO

Tom Churchwell is the founder and CEO of ViMedicus, Inc. He is also Managing Partner of ARCH Development Partners early-stage venture partnership. After 15 years practicing corporate law, he joined the founding team of NutraSweet.  Subsequently he founded Calgene Fresh which produced the first FDA approved biotech food product, the FLAVRSAVR tomato. He managed multiple venture capital funds until starting ViMedicus.  He holds a BA degree from DePauw University and JD degree from Northwestern University School of Law. He also is a Graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Tom Churchill

Corey Campbell, LCSW, Chief Clinical Officer

Corey has more than 20 years’ experience in social work. He is an assistant professor and Director of the Social Work Department at Methodist College. He also serves as an adjunct professor at University of Illinois and Bradley University. Corey is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, and his published research focuses on motivational interviewing as well as brief behavioral interventions. Corey is also a sought-after trainer nationally on burnout, motivational interviewing, and integrated healthcare. Much of the methodology for the ViCare product is based upon his previous grant work, research, and past results with large healthcare organizations.

Tom Churchill

Matt Allen, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

Matt Allen brings more than 25 years of experience in data strategy and application development. His data strategy career covers multiple fields including healthcare, consulting, and manufacturing.  He has run several small businesses.  He holds a BS in Business from Eastern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Past healthcare work experiences included strategic planning, performance improvement and 6 Sigma project management methodologies.

Tom Churchill

Mitch Helfand, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Mitch Helfand is a senior finance executive and advisor who focuses on applying insights cultivated more than 25 years in healthcare. He has honed first-hand perspectives as a leader of organizations at the forefront of the transformation of the US healthcare system from a siloed, institutional provider-based system to a coordinated, patient-centric healthcare ecosystem. Mitch is a CPA and holds an MBA from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Kalli Ortega

Kalli Ortega, Chief Benefits Architect

Kalli is a forward-thinking businesswoman dedicated to arming organizations with the critical knowledge and resources they need to manage employee benefit costs while improving health outcomes and employee satisfaction.   Kalli spent 10 years overseeing the employee benefits and property casualty programs for her family’s manufacturing company and then joined Corkill Insurance Agency where she spent the next 16 years designing employee benefits packages for private and public sector organizations. As the Vice President and Managing Partner of the insurance agency, Kalli was instrumental in building the employee benefits and HR consulting divisions.  Kalli is now a nationally recognized Health Rosetta Charter Advisor and the founder of MelEos Group where she builds community healthcare programs and strategic employer solutions.  She serves on the board for Goodest Care and is a mentor for women at WINGS. Kalli has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago.

Brooke Rush

Brooke Rush, RD, LDN, Care Coordinator

Brooke is an experienced Registered Dietitian with a demonstrated history of working with multiple demographics in the community. She is skilled in leadership, time management, and dietetics. She consistently demonstrates teamwork and creativity skills. She has a strong healthcare services background from her studies at Bradley University.
Tom Churchill

Brea Allen, RN, MSN, Clinical Advisor

Brea Allen is an RN, MSN with more than 20 years of experience in nursing including postpartum, obstetrics/gynecology, family medicine and sports medicine. She is an MSN graduate from Grand Canyon University with a focus on nurse education.

Frequently asked questions

Common questions we get that may be the exact questions that are on your mind.

Do you have a question about ViMedicus or ViCare®?

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Make sure your employer is a partner with us. Then go to the website, push the Eligibility button and fill out the form.

How much does it cost?

ViCare® is free to healthcare plan members of participating employers.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Appointments are typically open within a week to 10 days.

How many appointments am I entitled to?

There is no limit on the number of appointments. You can work with your ViCare® Guide until you have achieved your goals.

How do I choose my ViCare® Guide?

Your initial interview will be with our Chief Clinical Officer who will help you select the appropriate Guide. If you believe you would be better with another Guide, he will help you change.

How do I know my conversations will be confidential?

We are bound by state and federal regulations and our own ethical code to keep all your information absolutely confidential. Your employer will not even know you are enrolled.

How do I know ViCare® will help me?

We have had about 4,000 sessions with more than 350 members. We have successfully and sustainably enabled 90+ percent of our Enrollees to achieve their lifestyle goals.