The Behavioral Health Solution for Your Stressed Workforce

for Employers

Our Communities and Businesses
are in a Mental Health Crisis

70% of your health plan members are affected by one or more of the following:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Chronic diseases
  • Substance Use Disorders (SUDs)
  • Poor diet and exercise
  • Presenteeism, absenteeism, poor performance
Any or all of these can lead to low productivity and a strain on your health insurance plan which will directly impact your bottom line.

ViCare® is the superior program to help you chart a new course

ViCare works because the program is:

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ViCare® Guides engage members at the first encounter and keep them engaged more than 90% of the time.

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There is no pre-authorization, no co-pay or deductible, and first appointment wait times are less than two weeks.

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ViScore tracks and measures progress.

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Unlike web-based programs, ViCare® is based on scientifically-proven effective systems.

ViCare® Provides a Real Return on Your Investment.

Our program pays for itself in reduced healthcare costs within the first year. A Return on Investment (ROI) of four to five times is achieved within three years.

Learn How ViCare® Can Help You

Get a complimentary analysis of your healthcare claims

  • You provide two-years of de-identified claims data
  • We show real costs, trend predictions, and how to control them.

Participate in a follow-up discussion

(typically 2-3 weeks following claims analysis)

  • Review of your claims analysis
  • Detailed program description
  • Sample of current client return on investment and cash-on-cash savings
  • Your potential savings, pricing, utilization and implementation strategy

Frequently asked questions

Common questions we get that may be the exact questions that are on your mind.

Do you have a question about ViMedicus or ViCare®?

What is ViCare®?

ViCare® is a proprietary behavioral health program that enables employees and dependents to sustainably change their lifestyles to overcome anxiety, depression, stress, substance misuse, and obesity.

We have an Employee Assistance Program. Why do we need more?

Numerous studies show that EAPs and online apps are effective only with the healthiest 20% of your plan members. Seventy to eighty percent of your members probably suffer from serious stress and related issues that are not adequately addressed by your EAP or the Apps.

How do you know that?

Those statistics are true for virtually all employers, but we offer a complementary data analysis of your population.

How does complementary data analysis work?

You, your broker, or your Third-party Administrator provide us with 2 years of de-identified health claims data and we will give you a portrait of your population.

Sounds expensive. Why should we do that?

Along with our analysis, we will show you the cash-on-cash and Return on Investment numbers that make it a very profitable investment. We will also give you a future trend analysis that will show the long-term financial benefits of ViCare®.

What else do I get out of it?

Unlike virtually all of healthcare, we can actually measure health outcomes. Using our proprietary Vitality Score (ViScore), we measure well-being on a 10 point scale—1 is awful and 10 is great. An employee with a ViScore of 5 is operating at 50% of capacity. Employees with multiple chronic conditions or serious stress have ViScores in the 1-3 range.

How do I find out more?

Go to for more information and to schedule a conversation with us.

Is anyone else using the program? Does it work?

To date, we have enrolled more than 350 members and conducted nearly 4000 encounters. In more than 90% of the cases, the member has achieved sustainable goals with virtually no recidivism.