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Connect Employees to High-quality Therapists in a Quarter of the Time

ViCare is a membership-based benefit that connects patients to Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

How We’re Different:

  • Choice of in-person or virtual appointments
  • Essential Life-Style Modification can only be achieved from an established, on-going, real-time relationship with the therapist.
  • 75% shorter wait time to see a therapist than the national average
  • LCSWs using, clinically proven methods to enable lifestyle change in over 90% of cases
  • Reportable behavioral outcomes and a money-back guarantee

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Benefits Advisors

  • Build ViCare® into self-funded plans
  • Bolt on ViCare® to fully-funded plans
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Direct Primary Care Practices

  • Partner to create a whole-body, whole-mind benefits solution
  • Add ViCare® as a wrap-around service for your patients
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  • Offer affordable, accessible mental health care
  • Rely on measurable outcomes